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Because we believe “Children Learn Best by Doing” our age appropriate activities provide many opportunities for hands on learning that prepares children to meet the academic challenges ahead.  Children’s development moves from sensorimotor to the pre-operational stage and next, to the concrete stage, according to Jean Piajet, the Swiss Psychologist, it is through experience children accomplish the skills to move to the next stage of development.  This awareness makes planning and providing age appropriate activities crucial. Language skills are learned through play, stories, and conversations which make teacher interactions essential for social and emotional well-being.


The program is entirely learning center based using The Creative Curriculum as guidelines for age appropriate activities in the Honey Bee, Busy Bee, Bumble Bee and Worker Bee Classes. The creative curriculum allows teachers to choose the theme of the month and extend the topic through all areas of the learning centers in the classroom.  The activities provide children with many opportunities for critical thinking and creative expression through self directed manipulation of materials.  It has always been policy at Gilda’s Academy to maintain low child/staff ratios to enable children to receive the attention, supervision, and interaction for everyone to benefit.